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Life & Leadership Development Coach

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Personal Life Coaching

We are meant to soar in life, and when we’re not, there’s usually a reason. As a coach, I’m deeply committed to working  with people who are ready to build the life they deserve.

Professional Development

I provide the essential tools for professional growth to aspiring leaders who encounter things that they don’t know how to resolve. Are you ready to get to the next level?

Life Coaching

Trusted Credentials: ELI-MP Assessment Certified, iPEC Certified Professional Coach

Leadership Development Coaching

The right conversations and coaching empower you to make things happen.

Management & Team Dynamics Group Coaching

Achieving a harmonious environment for optimal team behaviour and performance.

What Is Coaching?

The spectrum of life coaching services can be viewed as fundamental training that assists you to move beyond obstacles to life you envisioned. Put simply, my services provide a fresh set of eyes to provide insight and a plan of action.

Who Is Coaching For?

My coaching services are ideal for anyone ready to move their personal or professional life to the next level.  I’ll teach you a number of wonderful tools that can help get you there! You are worth the investment. You are meant to fly!

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Short Term Adventure Package

If you already know your challenge and are ready to get to the bottom of it so you can move on, this is the package for you.

More Details

After our initial consultation, if we’re a fit, we will spend at least 6 sessions knocking down your roadblock so you can move on and become who you know you already are! You ready? I am!

Focus & Make It Happen Package

If you’re tuned into what is happening in your life and yet keep seeing the same themes occurring, but not sure exactly why, let’s talk.

More Details

By the time we finish these 12 sessions, if you’re all in, you will have conquered many things. Life is too short to waste any more time. You are in control, Let’s do this! I’m waiting!

It’s Time to Figure Things Out Package

Things have not been working the way you need & now you’re ready to make changes, but not sure where to start.

More Details

Let’s schedule a consultation and see if we’re a fit. Then we can design a personalized package that works for your situation.There’s a solution for your challenges, and so much more!

About Me

Hello! Welcome to my coaching and consulting site! I once heard, “There’s no perfect path, there’s just your path.” I have found my own path and while it’s been a nontraditional one, it’s been a gift!

I got my bachelor’s and master’s degrees while raising children. I completed all of it in my 30’s, and though my formal education helped me immensely, the thing that truly impacted my life was training two years ago to become an iPEC coach. It was a pivotal and life-empowering experience where I learned so much about myself, and about coaching others!


Coaching Young Women

“For me, the time that Gail devoted to coaching my daughter and meeting with me as well was invaluable. I discovered things about myself as well as my daughter that helped me to allow her to make some tough decisions. Gail could see in my daughter her unique and gifted creative qualities. She helped my daughter to feel comfortable with sharing and discussing things going on in her life, as well as planning for her future. I think there’d still be areas where we would be stuck if it hadn’t been for Gail’s life coaching. If you have a daughter, you need to consider life coaching with Gail. You just do!”

Coaching Leaders

“Real Transformations. That is truly what I have experienced after going through a 12-week coaching session with Gail.
I had been striving for nearly twenty years to build a great career, family, faith, purpose, etc.  I finally reached the high point in all these areas: nice home, loving husband, strong independent children, financially stable, teaching Bible study, and a recent big promotion. But I felt paralyzed and like a fraud for some reason. Gail’s approach and genuine compassion made me feel so comfortable and safe to navigate through the things that were blocking my ability to move forward.”

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