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Sometimes it’s difficult to have perspective when you’re so close to things everyday.

If things aren’t working the way you’d like, and the consequences are costing your business money, it might be time to consider asking for outside help.

Signs that it’s time to dive deeper might be:

Lack of alignment between strategic direction and objectives

Lack of sound processes in place to manage the work

Projects without ownership

Projects missing deadlines

“Wrong” people in vital roles

Employees resistant to work

Resources not working at capacity

Inefficiencies are eating up time unnecessarily

Here are some of my areas of expertise:

If you are experiencing any of these issues chronically, consider bringing in a fresh set of eyes to provide insight.

Sometimes small insights and changes can yield big results. Let’s talk about your pain points, and see if working together is a right fit!

  • Process documentation
  • Process analysis & improvement
  • Identifying opportunities for efficiency gains
  • Productivity tracking and analysis
  • Standard operating process manuals
  • Best practice development
  • Intellectual property creation/management
  • Team dynamics
  • Leadership development consulting

“I had been striving for nearly twenty years to build a great career, family, faith, purpose, etc.  I finally reached the high point in all these areas: nice home, loving husband, strong independent children, financially stable, teaching Bible study, and a recent big promotion.  But I felt paralyzed and like a fraud for some reason. I shared some of my feelings with Gail and she encouraged me to go through some coaching sessions with her. She didn’t promise me a 5-step process for success nor some extensive program that was guaranteed to work. Instead, with no agenda of her own, she helped me navigate through the events in my life, some tragic, some seemingly insignificant, but nonetheless key to what was blocking me from truly thriving and performing. It was as if I were in a prison all those years, then someone unlocking the cage, not only opening the door, but teaching me how to use the new tools successfully.

I’ve read, listened to podcasts, sought out so many other things hoping to help, but none seemed to stick. It’s been two months since I’ve worked with Gail, and the growth continues on!  I am taking steps to seek out opportunities that align with who I am and what I value, instead of trying to fit someone else’s expectation. It not only has impacted my performance; it’s affected my relationships. My husband shared with me how this transformation in me is causing positive change in him as well. Today when people ask how I am doing, I can’t help but to say I’m great. Yes, circumstances still exist, but I can choose to thrive anyway. I’m not in that old prison anymore.”

–Angi S., Director

What People Say

Gail consulted with our team’s need to improve our internal training development processes and workflow across multiple teams and products. She brought an outside perspective that allowed us to identify our own internal roadblocks in how we struggled to prioritize and complete vital training projects. These projects were needed for us to deliver the best quality support we could to our entire customer base.

Gail’s relatable approach recognized the unique role of each person in the room, and yet equalized their importance in moving forward as a team. The tools she employed broadened my team’s thinking while at the same time leveling them up to a new way of contributing. The PAIN-GAIN tool she used empowered the team to discern and weigh out what was urgent vs what was important. This enabled the team to readjust and refocus on what was most important to invest our time into for the training success of our customers. The investment we made to work with Gail was worth the outcome. She took a challenge that felt insurmountable prior to working with her, and helped us successfully break free from our own roadblocks of working effectively in this area.

– Jennifer Davis, Co-Founder & President at Davisware, Inc.

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