This is a useful concept taken from Gay Hendricks book, The Big Leap

I’m a visual person, so I when I can see a concept, it sticks with me. This is something I learned from reading the book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks.

Like many people, I can think about something that pops up and begin to feel worried or anxious. When I heard Gay’s method for quickly resolving thoughts that might normally create this internal response, it made complete sense to me.

There are 4 options when this happens:

  • If the thought is not a real possibility and there is not any action you can take to make a difference, then the choice is, “Do nothing and carry on!”
  • If it’s real, but there’s nothing you can do, then shift your thinking onto something more worthy, letting it go.
  • If it’s not real, but you’d like to create positivity, then do something of value to distract yourself.
  • If it’s real, and you can do something to make a positive difference, then make a plan and take action!

This model can clear up negative or anxious thoughts very quickly and efficiently. The more you implement it, the quicker you will get at using it. Over time, this will allow you to invest your thoughts and energy into better things!